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Elizabeth Dyer is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with over thirty years of experience working as a psychotherapist with adults and couples. She specializes working with client's issues involving relationships, affairs, depression, anxiety and women's issues. 

In addition to her Masters Degree in Social Work, Elizabeth also holds a Masters Degree in Applied Psychology and a Doctorate Degree in Spiritual Science. She demonstrates a commitment to stay current with the latest theories, skills and findings with the numerous certificates she has earned and conferences she attends. 

Elizabeth tends to be very interactive and engages during her sessions using a combination of psychotherapeutic approaches, CBT and positive psychology. Her clients know her as a therapist who is smart, nonjudgmental and caring. Educating is included in helping a client move through their issues and gain greater personal awareness and relational skills. 

Elizabeth's earlier career included sales and management for major corporations in areas of finance, data, and telecommunications. This previous experience brings an understanding when dealing with relational or career issues in the workplace. 

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