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  • Are you wanting more of a genuine connection with other women?

  • Are you feeling invisible in your role as a spouse or a mom? 

  • Are you feeling isolated due to the demands of your career or family?

  • Are you dealing with issues of aging or health challenges? 

  • Are you going through marital issues or divorce? 

  • Have your kids left the house and you are feeling- now what?  

The work of The Stone Center at Wellesly College, back in the 1980's, developed the Relational Model stating that the primary motivation for women throughout life is to establish a strong sense of connection. This is how a woman develops a sense of self and self worth- by being in connection with others. The model is very different from the traditional models of male development that are based on autonomy and personal success. Healthy connections are crucial for women- it is the guiding principal for growth

Women support groups provide the safety to connect with a sense of mutuality. Not only are you able to share your thoughts and feelings but you also experience being moved by the thoughts and feelings of others. This empathic connection gives each person a sense of "understanding" or "seeing"the other in a nonjudgmental way. It is through this empowerment that the possibility of change and growth is always present. 

I have had the good fortune of facilitating Women's Groups for over thirty years and I have been touched by the caring and the authentic connections accompanying each person's growth.  

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