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  • Is your relationship in trouble?

  • Are you dealing with the same issues without anything changing? 

  • Are you at the stage of make- up or break- up? 

  • Did your spouse have an affair- now what? 

Relationships are the basis for any signifigant experiences in our lives, whether they are family, friends, work, couples, or marriage relationships. And yet we are never taught the skills necessary for successful connections. We have a divorce rate of 50% with an even higher incidence of infidelity- resulting in great heartache and trauma. 

In the past, the research focused primarily on the relationship of the marriage and the causes contributing to this high divorce rate. Today many corporations have been making significant investments in hiring coaches to improve collaboration of their teams to work better and achieve their shared goals.  

There is hope for your relationship. Learning how to stay connected through conflict will allow you to reach resolution on many of your issues. Knowing how to achieve movement on the perpetual issues will allow you to feel closer. And understanding each person's contribution to the problems will allow greater empathy and loving. 

If your spouse has had an affair then you are most likely dealing with some of the most intense painful feelings of your life. This information essentially shatters your marriage as you have known it and you will be experiencing losses on many levels. Unprepared for what lies ahead, you will be tormented with many questions, especially the constant one of "should I stay or should I leave?" Understanding what fueled the affair will help with this decision. And if you decide to stay, the process of learning how to rebuild the trust and intimacy can hel you and your partner 'go the distance' with greater love and commitment in your relationship..  

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