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  • Are you feeling empty and have a loss of interest in activities that you once enjoyed?

  • Is your energy low and are you having difficulty sleeping

  • Have you noticed any recent weight gain or loss? 


  • Does it seem that you can't lighten up?

  • Are you having automatic anxious thoughts? 

  • Is your anxiety holding you back in your relationships at work or in life? 

There are many people who are living their lives in a functional depression and do not even realize it. Often times this condition can spiral downwards and prevent a person from participating in their life, as they knew it. The joy and the pleasure is missing while the person lacks the energy, desire or ability to do something about it. This condition is very treatable, and there is clearly a "light at the end of the tunnel." Through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) a person can get the help to bring back enjoyment in their life and their relationships while feeling good about themselves.   

If anxiety is the issue-you will learn how the "anxious brain is an actual condition and one that can be stopped and managed. We will work on recognizing the automatic negative thoughts that trigger the anxious and panic feelings.  Then we will identify the skills to interrupt the worry patterns so that you can enjoy your life and experience more peace.   

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